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YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

The Tools You Need for this YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

  • YouTube Channel
  • Adwords account
  • Make videos

Now let’s get into the exact 5-step process that you will have to go through…

Step 1 – Setup Your Adwords Account

If you don’t have an Adwords account already, set one up here. Then link your YouTube channel to your Adwords account.

However, keep in mind that you will be basically building a list of people who have done any of the following actions on your YouTube videos:

  • Watched any of your channel videos
  • Liked, shared or commented on any of your videos
  • Viewed your TrueView ads
  • Visited or subscribed to your YouTube channel

Once you start building these lists, you can start retargeting any of these segments separately.

At this point, you should decide if you are going to only target organic traffic (people who watch the videos on your channel), only target TrueView ads…or you are going to do both. This will determine the type of video content you will create.

Step 2 – Research Your Market

Next, do some research on what kind of videos will appeal to your potential app users.

Research what seems to be working in your market. Also step outside of your niche and get ideas from other niches.

Step 3 – Create and Optimize YouTube Videos

Now it’s time to start making some videos. If you are only going to create TrueView in-stream video ads, then your options are somewhat limited. Just remember that you need to “front-load” your video and put the exciting stuff in the beginning, so people keep watching.

Step 4 – Remarket to People Who Watched Your Videos

Advertising on YouTube with TrueView ads can get expensive. But if you want to reduce your advertising spend, you can use the list you built on YouTube and retarget them with the Adwords Display Network.

Estimates will vary of course, but the general consensus is that Adwords has the ability to reach about 90% of the internet.

In this specific case, this means that when someone does any of the actions we listed in the first section of this post, chances are very high that they will visit another website that runs Adwords ads and you can show them a display ad.

Since display ads generally cost less than video ads and you can target people outside of YouTube, it’s really a no-brainer to at least test this strategy.

Step 5 – Review Your Analytics and Iterate

Once you have run a few ads, it’s now time to review your results. Since you setup conversion tracking in Step 4 above, you can see exactly how well your display ads are doing. If you aren’t getting clicks, here are a few tips for improving.

If the issue is that people are not watching your videos or video ads, you will have to revisit Step 2 and try another approach. With any type of marketing, there can be a lot of testing involved, so don’t get discouraged if your first try doesn’t work out.




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