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How to know what applications is causing windows slow boot?


If your windows PC is taking somehow long time to boot, this is what we call “windows slow boot”, then their may be some application causing this issue.

Step by step guide:

Here is a simple method to check what are the application causing this.

1.Open the Task Manager . If you do not know how to access this tool, you can either right-click on the Task bar and then choose Task Manager as shown in the image, or press Ctrl + Alt + Del together on the keyboard and then click on Task manager.

2.Select the startup section.

In the Startup section you will find all the programs that start when Windows boots, the Startup impact column shows you the levels of the impact of each program on the boot process. For example, the program which is low level does not significantly affect the boot process, while Medium is for medium programs.

Right click on any of the headers in the Startup section and from the menu that appears click CPU at startup.


You will notice that a new column appears in the Startup section that shows you the time that each download program takes during the Windows boot process. This unit is measured in milliseconds because of the processor-related time.

Generally, you will click on the CPU at startup column to sort programs from top to bottom as shown In the picture, the programs with a high impact on the time taken in the boot process is displayed in the first so you can know the first programs that make Windows take a long time and then you can disable them by clicking the Disable button below.

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