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What is negative SEO?

What is negative SEO?

The definition of negative SEO is attempting to influence the results of a competitor in the search results.


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Negative SEO methods

For years, SEO had no types, Its just SEO, once you build backlinks, whatever it’s quality, You will be in the search results, but now Google has become very rigid in the policy of building backlinks and it’s quality, so SEO nowadays is separated into 2 Types:

White hat SEO

Blackhat SEO

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The negative SEO is based on building a large number of bad backlinks using some software or maybe manually.

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This leads to a decrease in the site credibility because of violating the terms and policies of Google and thus punish the site or throw it in the sandbox and thus the site will be blacklisted.


How to protect your website from negative SEO?

You can protect yourself easily by using webmasters tools and check the links pointing to your site every now and then and if you find an abnormal number of bad backlinks referring to your site, then be sure to remove these links.

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