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Free Course: Web server IIS For Developers


In this course  I will teach you how to install, manage and configure IIS Role in windows server 2008R2 in order to host your websites in your own server, whether you are a web developer and you want to learn how to host your own websites on your own IIS server, or if you are a sys admin who wants to know how to configure and manage websites on IIS server , this course will be for you.

I divided this course into 5 sections as follows :

Section 1 : Getting Started 

I will cover the installation of IIS and how to use web platform installer tool to configure and update the components of IIS, and then i will show you how to create your website in IIS manager , and during this, i will explain the concept of site bindings and how it works.

Section 2 : Security

Here in this section I will cover the concept of securing the website with SSL certificate in order to encrypt your website and i will show you how to request a real ssh certificate from an authorized certificate authority like Godaddy.

Also in this section, I will show you how to work with authentication in IIS by showing you the difference between anonymous, basic, and windows authentication types.

Section 3 : Configuring IIS

In this section i will cover the following topics :

  • Default page and delegation options.
  • Application Pools.
  • Overview about Configuring IIS with PowerShell.
  • URL-rewrite module to redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically.

Section 4 : Deployment

Here i will show you how to deploy “ASP” website directly from visual studio into IIS server, also I will show you how to create and host PHP website on IIS.

Section 5 : Troubleshooting

In this section, you will have a look on how to use worker processes and be tracing in order to start troubleshooting your website.

Questions :

Please if you have any questions, post it below in the comments, or contact us on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel.And we will be very glad to help.


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