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How to surf your favorite websites without Internet ??

Do not tell me, my friend, that you always have an internet connection wherever are, when you are in the “Now You are Offline” stage, you will miss your favorite sites and topics or articles you read for sure. So, in this light and simple article, we will explain some of the methods, tools and applications you can use to browse your favorite sites. Without internet using your Android device.


Pocket :

The Pocket app is one of the best add-ons and can be installed on Android,iPhone, and Pcs.

Pocket has the ability to save articles and websites and browse them while you’re offline. also, you can use with google chrome browser by installing the addon, then browse your favorite sites or articles or topics from those sites, and if you like it, you can click on the add-in to save that page.
This is for the web browsers. For your Android or apple device, you should go to the application center(play store or app store), either for Android or ios, then search the application and log in to your previously registered account on the web.
Of course in the previous stages you’ll need the Internet to do it, but after that, you do not need to! , Enough to enter the application, to find all the pages and sites that you saved and browse easily and without the Internet.


Offline Browser :

This application is a browser that allows you to download the pages and sites to browse later, first, of course, we will have to go to the application store and search for the application and install, after downloading the application, you will first need the Internet and it is necessary to access your favorite pages and sites that you always visit, then you will find the “save” button at the top of the browser or in browser options, click it and then You notice that the browser showed you the page load ratio, Wait for a little while the page loads and you can exit Offline and browse it normally.


Google Chrome :

Google recently announced new updates to its Google browser on Android devices. Among these updates, the option of loading pages and saving them for offline browsing.



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