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Fix slow windows pc problem


Many people suffer from slow windows problem. so, I have written this article to help reduce this kind of problems in a few simple steps that you can follow easily.

What are the problems or errors that may cause windows to slow down?

Corruption of one of the basic system files: This is one of the biggest problems that cause slow system, because of the corruption of some basic system files.

This makes Windows system to not work properly and thus the causing many problems, including slowing the system.

Disabling windows update: Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 people neglecting to update their Windows systems seen to have slow performance, as these updates are very important to fix any problem with the system and work to fill any security gap.

Viruses: Of course we all know that viruses are one of the main reasons for slowing Windows system as it is consuming a lot of system resources.

Also, we have :

Using incompatible programs, using nin-genuine windows, and of course low system resources (RAM-CPU…)


Trying to solve the problem.


What can you try to help improve your windows performance?

There are some steps that if implemented will greatly reduce the system slow down and make it work faster.

Stopping programs running when Windows starts.

Type the following command (msconfig) into the RUN command box, and then click OK.

Select (Startup) and then click (Open Task Manager) as shown in the picture:


Select the program that you want to turn off at the start of the system by right-clicking and selecting Disabled instead of Enabled

Dump the random memory of the resulting files from the start of the system

Open the RUN command engine, type the following command (Prefetch), and then press Enter:

You will see a window (Prefetch). Click Continue to continue. As shown below:

After opening the “Prefetch” window, select all the files in it and then click on the right mouse and select Delete to remove them as shown below:


Remove temporary files (temp) from browsing the Internet

These files consume a portion of system memory and this may cause some slow performance of your Windows system

To remove these files, In the Run command, type the following command (% temp%) and then click OK as shown in the following image:

Now that the page has been displayed, select all existing files, right-click the mouse and click the Delete button as shown below:

After you perform the previous steps, restart the system again and you will notice somehow some increase in windows performance, of course, if you are not infected with a certain virus.

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