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Server Types and function of each

1. Real-Time Communication Servers

Also known as chat servers or IRC, sometimes known as instant messaging (IM) servers, and these servers aim to allow a large number of users to exchange information instantly.

2. FTP Servers

This is one of the oldest servers available online. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol that allows users to transfer one or more files of any size between two computers and works on port 21.

3. Collaboration Servers

In many ways, they rely on groupware software. Collaboration programs are designed to enable users to collaborate, regardless of their location, via the Internet or an intranet,  and work together in a virtual environment.

4. List Servers

Allows users to manage comprehensive mailing lists more easily such as opening interactive one-way lists or lists to provide newsletters, advertisements and so on.

5. Telnet Servers

A Telnet server allows users to access, control, and use a computer remotely.

6. Web Servers

A web server is responsible for hosting websites and web applications and processing them, then serving the client users by replying the output of the website in a form of HTML-CSS-JS, and uses the HTTP or HTTPS protocol in communication.

7. Virtual Servers

A virtual server is a server that can hold multiple servers simultaneously on the same hardware.
This is what hosting sites rely on to upload multiple websites that share resources from a single server.

Virtual systems: VMware ESXi – Microsoft Hyper-V – Citrix server …

8. Proxy Servers

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between user requests and servers.
Receives user requests, evaluates, process, and simplifies them, and then sends them back to the sending server.

9. Mail Servers

Mail service helps to transfer, manage, and store emails over a network via LAN, WAN or over the Internet.

10. Application Servers

Application servers are a type of brokers that connect users to their applications that are hosted on a server.


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