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Is your router protected against hacking? Let’s find out

If you have a router in your home that distributes the Internet to the whole house, you may have to think that your neighbor also benefits from the Internet for free without paying !, not just that, in this moment he may be downloading large files and if you have a limited download capacity then it may vanish ! and obviously your internet speed will go down since the bandwidth will be distributed between you and him.

The first obvious thing you have to do is to change the wifi password, but does this solve the problem ?? of course not. since now anybody with some hacking knowledge can crack your password in minutes.

Now we will go into sample test and I will ask you some questions to let you know if you are protected or not and I will give you some advice to secure your router.

 1- Is your router encrypted with WPA2 security?  ( 1 point if your answer is true)

Don’t configure your router with WEP, instead use WPA2, because believe me if you have WEP security then it will not take more than 10 minutes to crack your password.

2- Is your router firewall turned on? ( 1 point if your answer is true)

Usually, all router comes with a build in firewall, so make sure it is turned on.

3- Is the password you are using strong and complex? ( 1 point if your answer is true)

I advise you do not use only numbers in your password since even if you are using WPA2 and your firewall is running, it takes only a couple of hours to crack the password, so always use a complex password that contains numbers, letters, and special characters.

4- Did you change your router name? ( 1 point if your answer is true)

The default name of the router can give information for the hacker about the type and the system of the router, so be sure to change the name of your router in order to prevent this type of information that can be used by hackers.

5- Did you update the router firmware?  ( 1 point if your answer is true)

In many cases, the router companies discover some vulnerabilities in the router system, so it releases updates, be sure to stay up to date to prevent any vulnerabilities.


Test Results : 

If you got 3 or less: You will be hacked at any time.

4 and above: You are somehow secured.



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