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What to do before selling iPhone, very important !

Introduction :

Before you sell your iPhone, which you may have used for many years, there are some important steps you must take before selling in order to protect yourself and your data stored on your phone, as well as protect the buyer who will use the phone after you. these are 4 very important steps you have to do before you go and sell your iPhone.

1 – Take a full backup of your Phone.

The first step you will take is to put your data in the safe side, where you save a backup of everything that you see important stored on your phone like images, videos, contacts, and messages. Everything that you do not want to be accessed by the buyer.

And to save a backup of data of your iPhone, there are two ways: either save a to your computer via iTunes or save a backup on your online iCloud account.

To save a backup to your computer, follow these steps :
Run iTunes on your computer.
Connect the phone to a USB cable.
Go to the Summary section of the left side.
Press the Back Up Now button
Enter the lock code (if your iPhone is protected by Passcode)

Now that you have a full backup copy on your computer, you can restore it again after buying your new phone without problems.


2-Disable Find my iPhone service.

This is one of the important steps that you must do before selling the iPhone. If you have already activated Find My iPhone to protect your iPhone from being steel, this is the time to disable it.

Open Settings on the Home screen.
Click on iCloud.
Click Find My iPhone.
Disable Find My iPhone.
Enter the verification code Apple ID to confirm.
Press the Turn Off button.


3-Delete iPhone from the iCloud account.

To break your relation with your iPhone completely you have to delete it from your iCloud account so that the phone is ready to start over with the buyer. You can verify this by going to icloud.com/find and then after logging in if you notice that the phone has been located on the map. Although you have previously disabled Find My iPhone, you need to press Erase iPhone and Erase to erase your data from your phone, and then click the Remove from Account option.


4-Erase all content settings (Factory settings).

Now you are just one step away from selling your iPhone to a new person. This step is to restore the iPhone to its ideal condition and return it as it came from the factory.

To do this follow these Steps :

Open Settings on the Home screen.
Click on General.
Click the Reset option below.
Click the Erase All Content and Settings option.
Type the Passcode lock code.
Press Erase iPhone.
Enter the Apple ID to confirm.

It may take a minute or two at most, after which all data stored on your iPhone phone will be deleted.


Now you are ready to sell your iPhone

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