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iPad Pro 10.5 review

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro represents Apple deciding to make a tablet with absolutely everything crammed in. The best in audio performance, the cream of the company’s mobile screen tech, and all the power that can be crammed inside the metal walls of a digital slate.

It’s an entertainment hub that flips to become a mobile work station – the iPad Pro’s strength is that it can do many things well, and in a compact form.

There’s only so much manufacturers can do to update a tablet these days beyond increasing the specs, as the use case for these devices hasn’t altered much over the years, beyond them now being able to serve as pseudo-tablet replacements with the addition of a keyboard.

iPad Pro 10.5 price and release date

Let’s not mess about here: the price of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro borders on eye-watering. It’s £619 / $649 / AU$979 for the base model without cellular data – and that’s if you only want 64GB storage.

That’ll be acceptable for some, but many users will probably want the 256GB model, which hikes the price up to £709 / $749 / AU$1129 – and it’s £889 / $949 / AU$1429 if you want the 512GB model, although that’s probably a bit overkill for anyone who doesn’t need the security of half a terabyte of space.

This is a surprising jump in price, given that last year’s iPad Pro 9.7 cost $599 / £499 / AU$899.

There are some key upgrades to the chipset and screen size / technology, but considering that last year’s model was perfectly adequate in many ways it’s curious that Apple is pushing the cost up once again, and explains the decision to remove the 9.7-inch tablet from its stores.

In terms of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro release schedule, the tablet will begin shipping from June 12 in selected markets, including the US and the UK.



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