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Important tips to keep your Android battery as long as possible.

Hi, everyone.

If you are an android mobile user, you will notice how battery becomes empty in a short time.And this is considered one of the negative sides of the android system that all companies are trying to solve.

Here are some tips you can follow in order to improve your battery life time.

  1. If you feel your phone is losing battery very fast then before deciding to take your phone to a mobile hardware shop, try to reset your factory settings. ( Settings > factory reset ) , and also you can update your mobile to the latest android system.
  2. After factory reset, try to use your mobile until the battery is totally empty, then keep your phone for 12 hours without using it in a way the battery will be totally free of electric charges.
  3. After 12 hours, start recharging your phone but be sure to use a brand genuine charger since many of battery failures are caused by a faulty charger.
  4. Try to uninstall any unwanted applications, since many of them are a direct reason of emptying the battery due to background services the stays running all the time .and don’t install cleaning applications since this type of applications uses resources more than it cleans!
  5. Don’t use WiFi, mobile data, and Bluetooth only in need, so make sure to turn them off if unused, also I advise you to set the screen brightness to an optimal degree since it uses a lot of battery.
  6. Don’t use the phone and keep it on airplane mode while it’s charging for decreasing the charging time.

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