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How to distinguish your articles in Google search results Snippet Box?


Google shows answers to many requests directly in the results and it’s called the Google Snippet Box.

Many may wonder how some sites were able to show their content in this way in the search results.

Please read the entire article carefully if you are interested in getting what you want.

What are snippet boxes?

Snippet Box is a feature launched by Google a few years ago, and recently it has become a remarkable feature.

When you search for a specific question in Google, Google displays a summarized answer in the form of a special box above the search results.

It displays the page that answers directly to the user’s question without having to click on the site.

Some examples:



Here are some Key factors that select a specific answer in Google search results to be a google snippet box:

  • The existence of an inquiring word such as “how” or “what is” at the beginning of the question and it is better to be an h2 or h3 header tags in your website.
  • Provide a clear answer directly to the question ending with a period, and then start the rest of the article from the next first line.
  • Having valuable information after answering the question directly.
  • The content is easy to understand by visitors.
  • The answer should contain some words from the title of the question.
  • It is recommended that the words of the article should not be less than 350 words.
  • The presence of your article on the first page in Google within the first 5 results.
  • Hight CTR on the article in the search results.

Factors to be met at the site:

  • Your site has passed six months so it could have some authority and trust from Google.
  • All your articles are exclusive.
  • 200 visits daily as a minimum. Visits must be 100% legitimate and it is prohibited to buy visitors.
  • Have a good domain authority.



How do I choose a keyword phrase?

There are two ways to choose a keyword phrase:

  1. You can analyze some words that begin with “what is” or “how” through Google Trends, which is getting a high volume of searches and target these words.
  2. You can search some of the Google search phrases and look at the associated words suggested in Google below the search results. These words also get great searches. If you find an answer already, analyze that article, and write better one. If you do not find it, this will be an opportunity you should not miss.

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