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Free Windows Tweaker

Free Windows Tweaker is Tiny tool for tweaking various aspects of your computer’s OS such as turning the firewall on or off, hiding specific drives, and changing the admin password

As its name suggests, Computech Windows Tweaker is a nifty, little utility that allows you to change various aspects of your computer’s operating system effortlessly.

A handy system tweaker with a decent feature set

For instance, you can enable or disable features like the Windows Firewall, USB Storage, UAC, Remote RPC (useful for sending messages to and from your PC), Security Center, Offline Files, and Action Center.

In addition, you’re provided with the useful option of changing your local administrator password directly from the app’s main window, and it’s also worth pointing out that you can also hide any of the existing drives with letters from A to Z.

As novice-accessible as they come

Apart from making sure that .NET Framework is present on your computer’s system, this app doesn’t need any special attention on your part. And, since it does not require installation, it can be launched with the minimum amount of effort via its executable file.

The app is relatively straightforward, with a simple main window that provides access to all of the app’s features without the use of menus. Unsurprisingly, working with Computech Windows Tweaker is not much of a challenge since you can do everything that has been mentioned above with no more than just a few mouse clicks.

Apply swift system tweaks in mere seconds with the help of this useful app

Simply select features you want to enable or disable and the drives you want to hide, and click the Start button from the bottom part of the main window. Of course, the app displays every action within a simplistic log section and, better yet, you’re also provided with the option to automatically reboot your PC when all the tweaks are in place.

All in all, Computech Windows Tweaker is a fairly useful piece of software for tweaking your system with the least amount of effort, even though it’s not the most comprehensive utility of this sort out there.