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5 factors that make backlinks bad for SEO

What differs a good backlink from a bad one?

Simply As long as you avoid these factors, which can make backlinks bad for SEO, You will be almost on the safe side.

How can you be sure that you’ve built a good backlink that will not penalize your site?

1.Low or doubtfull Domain Authority

The higher Authority Sites have that are linking to your site, the higher rank you will get in search engines. Links found on sites with higher Authority will pass that authority to your site much better than links on low-end sites. If Google shows that your site is linked to sites with low or suspicious URLs with a bad reputation on Google, it can harm your site and rank it low in search results.

Generally, this will only happen if these sites are blacklisted or spammed, and there is no need to worry about the topic. Google looks at a lot of factors that are at a high level of intelligence to check the level of quality, so if there are several links with low authority this will not bother, but if the numbers of these links become in hundreds or thousands and lasted for a month or more and you did not try to get rid of them, That will cause damage to your site.

So, in general, try to have backlinks from high authority and trusted domains.

2.Point to a source or URL that is not related to your content

Context is important in Google’s search algorithm. It’s not enough for Google to have links pointing to another site from your site – the sites your site is referring to must be relevant to your site’s content.

For example: If you are a hamburger company and you point to a butchering site, this is good and leads to close attention from Google to your site because the more similar the sources are, the better.


3.Source Domain Frequency

Quantity is important when it comes to backlinks but also diversity is very important because if Google sees many links pointing to your site coming only from one root domain, it probably thinks your site is suspicious.

Instead, Google likes to see a lot of backlinks that refer to your site coming from multiple domains, so it is important to vary the links that refer to your site.


4.Traffic exchange

If you have a friend who owns a site similar to your site, you might think of a smart idea to share the links between you and his site.

Unfortunately, this can hurt you more than it will help you. Google is intelligent enough and has a background about this scheme “exchange of links”, and if it notices a large number of links between the two sites, of course, this will negatively affect the Domain Authority.


5.Beware of anchor text

In the past, one of the best ways to capture a keyword is to merge your URL into a keyword using Anchor Text. Today, this method has not become as effective as it used to be.

In fact, currently, the fastest way to land your site and punish is by overusing this technique.



Check each link to make sure each of them has these 5 characteristics. You can use tools to help you like Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, Majestic or any other tool. These tools act as a search engine for backlinks.

If you notice any link pointing to your site in doubt, try removing it. Removing a dubious link is better than leaving it and getting into suffering from potential consequences.


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