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Download Zero Hour Reborn Maps


ZH Reborn Maps

*** Installation ***

1. Extract the “Reborn_Maps”  rar file.

2. Go to the extracted file “Reborn_Maps” and copy the content of “Reborn Maps” folder.

3. Now go to your “My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps

4. Paste the content of  “Reborn Maps” folder.

*** Uninstallation ***

1. Go to the “Maps” folder in your “My Documents” Zero Hour folder and delete the following maps:

BattleField 40k
Desert Storm
Hell March
Hell March 2
Iron Shield
Long Way Down
Narrow Passage
Offshore Bombardment
Pealr Harbor
Rise Of The Ruthless
Second Sacrifice
Tears Of The Sun
The Last Stand
The Rise To Power

Thanks for downloading and have fun.

Download ZH Reborn Maps


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