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windows server 2016 dhcp

Windows server 2016 DHCP course Free course

About Mastering windows server 2016 DHCP course :

In this course “Windows server 2016 DHCP”, you will go from the basic concepts of DHCP server, how to install, configure, and go into mostly all main topics related to DHCP under windows server 2016.The course is divided into 23 lectures, or you can watch the 1 video version of the course, you can find here down on the page.


DHCP is one of the basic services in networking and without it, IP Address management would be somehow impossible. In this course, Mastering windows server 2016 DHCP, you’ll learn how to implement and configure DHCP in a Windows Server 2016 environment. First, you’ll learn how to install and configure a DHCP server including scopes, options, and server properties for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Next, you’ll discover how to manage and troubleshoot DHCP including the DHCP database, event logs, and performing backups/restores. Finally, you’ll explore how to migrate DHCP and implement fault tolerance in your environment. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of DHCP to implement and manage a DHCP implementation on Windows Server 2016.

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