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Dear programmer … Here are necessary side skills you have to acquire in addition to programming

Programming is one of the most demanding skills in the field of information technology. On the other hand, programming is not enough to create and develop a complete integrated project, let’s read the full article, and I will explain why is that.

As a programmer, programming takes the most part of your work, but the following skills that we will mention in this article should not be forgotten and ignored. It’s very important skills that you must give time for.


– Inspirational look and design:

Maybe you think that design is not related to you as a programmer, I will tell you something related to my experience in programming. I will not tell you that design is more important than code but believe me, sometimes it is, when you are working on a certain website or application that will be used by users all over the world, it’s a very important to have a friendly design that people can love and interact with. The most important thing is to make people feel it is easy to work with, so try your best to have some photoshop skills, logo designing skills and maybe some drawing and creativity skills.


– SEO and Site indexing (archiving)

If you are a desktop application programmer, a mobile application programmer, or a database analyst you probably do not need to acquire the skills I’m going to talk about, but if you’re a Web programmer, let me tell you that it’s a skill that is absolutely required.

You may create and develop a website for a customer, upload it to a host, have everything good and pay you money, and after three days he tells you that when he searches for the site in Google it does not appear to him, it will be some how embarrassing  and you can not say a word and you may tell him that it is not your specialty for example or even do not know how it does not appear, while the reality is you didn’t  take into consideration the principles of SEO in your code, such as Metatag codes or the property code of Google.

You can earn extra money by offering your services as an SEO expert and a programmer at the same time for the customer, so the customer is satisfied that Your job is professional.


– Marketing and selling skills:

As soon as you begin to understand the world, you will also understand that the world revolves around two objects, a user, and a seller.

And you, the programmer, when you program something, it is a product, then you need users to buy your product.

You can excel if you decide to enter the marketing field and start marketing your products in the right way.






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