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.net coding best practics

Free course : .Net coding best practices

About .Net coding best practices course :

This course “.Net coding best practices” aims to teach beginner to intermediate .NET programmers some of the best practices that they can use to write more efficient and accurate code, that will make their application more readable, faster, and efficient.


This course covers the following topics :


  1. .NET Naming standards :
    1. Pascal and camel casing.
    2. Some General coding recommendations (Variable names,comments,spaces …).
    3. Some Good programming practices (Number of lines, Method job, Types…).
  2. Working with Strings :
    1. Understanding Stringbuilder.
    2. Working with String Comparison.
    3. Explain String.empty
  3. Handling Exceptions :
    1. Log exceptions ( Event Viewer, SQL Database).
    2. Handling exceptions with loops.
    3. Handle Logic with exceptions.
  4. Miscellaneous  :
    1. Avoid Compiler warnings
    2. Using statement
    3. Avoid Global variables

On each topic, I implemented a coding example to make the concept clearer.Also with each lecture, I attached the source code of each example.

Questions :

Please if you have any questions, post it below in the comments, or contact us on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel.And we will be very glad to help.


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