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WordPress Security Guidelines : Protect your website !

wordpress security course

Introduction to WordPress Security Guidelines Welcome, everybody! In this mini-course or article, you will learn the following topics : How to secure your WordPress website. Protect your site from hackers and malicious code. Protect website files and folders. Deny access to certain areas of your website, and much more! In brief, you …

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When Photoshop becomes a programming tool !!!

Introduction: Photoshop is a new application, has been found for more than two decades, a program characterized by creativity more than any other program. Photoshop was and stills a professional tool used to modify and work with images and graphics, but with time, photoshop didn’t become an image editing tool …

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How to surf your favorite websites without Internet ??

Do not tell me, my friend, that you always have an internet connection wherever are, when you are in the “Now You are Offline” stage, you will miss your favorite sites and topics or articles you read for sure. So, in this light and simple article, we will explain some …

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How to block websites using the hosts file.


Due to the huge increase in the number of Internet users, and the huge list of websites that exist on the internet and contains a lot of data and information, and nowadays every house contains several desktops, laptops and mobiles,  and all are connected to the internet and accessed by kids, …

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