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Best Tools To Improve Coding Skills

Improve Coding Skills by testing these websites :   1. HackerRank The HackerRank Community is one of the largest learning and competition community for programmers. They have exercises related to Python, Java, SQL, C++, Linux Shell and lots more.  You will be able to learn new programming topics and techniques by going …

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Dear programmer … Here are necessary side skills you have to acquire in addition to programming

Programming is one of the most demanding skills in the field of information technology. On the other hand, programming is not enough to create and develop a complete integrated project, let’s read the full article, and I will explain why is that. As a programmer, programming takes the most part …

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C# datatypes table


The following table lists the available value types in C# : Type Represents Range Default Value bool Boolean value True or False False byte 8-bit unsigned integer 0 to 255 0 char 16-bit Unicode character U +0000 to U +ffff ‘\0’ decimal 128-bit precise decimal values with 28-29 significant digits …

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Login form in VB.NET with login counter policy

Welcome everybody to this tutorial. In this tutorial we will teach you how to create a login form from scratch with a login counter policy, please if you have any question or you need any help , comment below and we will be very glad to help you.   Part …

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What is Visual Basic ?

Visual Basic is, in general, a computer programming and integrated development environment (IDE)-enabled system developed by Microsoft. John Kemeny and Thomas Kurts invented the very basic version of Visual Basic that is known as BASIC. The main aim of visual basic is to provide an easy platform to write programs …

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Passing credentials to performance counter in VB.NET

Hello Every body. As a very brief introduction , a Performance counter is a class build into that .NET Framework , allows you to read what we call ‘counters’ from local or a remote machine ,these counters are divided into categories ,as a small example , if you want to …

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