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What is the BIOS? What is it’s job? Here’s all what you need to know about.

What is Bios? BIOS stands for “Basic Input Output System”.I do not really like the complicated explanations, and I do not like to introduce you to the BIOS as stated in Wikipedia or Google or whatever, we are here to simplify the concepts, so let me tell you what BIOS …

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Server Types and function of each

1. Real-Time Communication Servers Also known as chat servers or IRC, sometimes known as instant messaging (IM) servers, and these servers aim to allow a large number of users to exchange information instantly. 2. FTP Servers This is one of the oldest servers available online. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is …

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How to Reset BIOS or CMOS Password ?

BIOS passwords are used to add some extra security to computers. You can either set a password to prevent access to BIOS settings or to prevent PC from booting. But sometimes this extra security might become a pain when you forget the BIOS password or someone changes your system BIOS …

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