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How to create large fake files for testing.

Let’s say that you have bought a new hard disk or USB drive and you want to test read and write speed, for example, let’s say you want to know how it takes for 100 GB to be transferred on your drive from one partition to another.but the problem is that …

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Hide your folders and protect your files with a password without any applications.

Every computer user needs to hide some folders in order to protect them from tampering, especially if these files are important in your work ,so you are looking for ways to hide those folders so no one can see them, but have you ever thought that you can  hide your important …

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Convert batch to exe using this simple free tool

Converting a batch file into executable (.exe) file has several advantages : Portability – you can include additional tools in your EXE file that the batch file depends on. Protection – an EXE provides protection for your source script to ensure it is not modified. Convenience – Executable files can be …

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Batch File – Host ping

  Batch file Code : :A @echo off Title Host Pinger color 0e echo Enter the Host you would like to ping set input= set /p input= Enter your Host here: if %input%==goto A if NOT B echo Processing Your request ping localhost>nul echo ————————————————————————————- ping localhost>nul ping %input% set …

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Batch File-Clean up tool

  This tool will do the following : -Delete Internet cookies -Delete Temporary Files -Defrag Disk -Cleanup Disk   Full code : @echo off title Cleanup Tool :menu cls echo ——————————————————————————– echo PC Cleanup Tool echo ——————————————————————————– echo. echo Select a tool echo ============= echo. echo [1] Delete Internet Cookies …

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Batch file-Password generator

batch file code : @echo off :Start2 cls goto Start :Start title Password Generator echo —————————————-­———————– echo 1) Generate a Random Password echo 2) Generate 5 Random Passwords echo Input your choice set input= set /p input= Choice: if %input%==1 goto A if NOT goto Start2 if %input%==2 goto B …

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