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Best VPN (Virtual Private Network) Apps For Android 2018

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. People are using VPN for different reasons like Hiding their IP address, Securing connection, Connecting multiple private networks. And many people are using VPN for hiding their Identity on the internet because as you know whenever you visit any website your data will be tracked by …

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Find Out Who’s Stealing Your WiFi Network

Sometimes our Internet becomes too slow and also we are facing an issue when we are watching YouTube videos. Maybe your neighbor or someone using your WiFi without your knowledge. So today I will show you how you can easily find who is using your WiFi by using whoisonmywifi application. System Requirements:  …

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Why “C” Is The Default Drive On Your Computer?

In Windows, Why C Drive is Default? Floppy disk drives were utilized as the storage devices. Floppy disk drives were the first storage devices. They came into existence since 1960’s. Floppy disks were available in two sizes 5 1/4 ” and 3 1/2″. Those two floppy disk drives were labeled …

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How to take screenshot without PrintScreen button.

If you want to take a screenshot on your pc but your keyboard doesn’t have “PrntScr” button.I am going to show you three ways to take a screenshot without having to use the Print screen button. 1.Using on-screen keyboard You can take screen shots using on-screen keyboard. To open on-screen …

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How To Make a Keylogger Using Notepad?

A keylogger is a simple tool which records all the keystrokes typed by a user on your computer without there knowledge. A Keylogger can be quite dangerous as it can record all the keystrokes and track the activities of the individuals and get the open websites recorded. So, what happens is, …

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Best websites to make money online

Top websites to make money online 1. Fiverr.com It is an amazing site that provides an interface between people requesting services and people who have the ability to provide them. Signing up is a simple process and is absolutely free of charge. You can also connect to your Facebook account. To …

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