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8 signs to know if you are smart or not !

Below, we’ve listed 8 common signs of high intelligence, supported by scientific evidence. Read on and see which describes you and check if you are smart or not! 1-You’re not easily distracted Frank Zhu says “people who can focus for long stretches at a time and tune out distractions” are …

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Here are some exercises to increase your attention and focus

Many students suffer from the lack of concentration and attention while studying. We will tackle this problem together, through some simple exercises. But before that, we must not forget some of the main problems that may affect our focus and attention 1- Lack of good nutrition 2- Insufficient sleep 3- …

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How to learn more with less studying in five effective ways

If you sometimes feel that the effort you are making in studying is not proportional to the results you are getting, you may have to think smarter in the way you study. Try these five tips:   1.Meditation Studies have shown that we better remember information when we link information …

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