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Learn how to build your own network between two or more computers

Build a computer network Introduction :

Firstly, before we begin explaining how to Build a computer network (it can be a home network or maybe a private company network), we have to define the meaning of a network.Simply,Network is connecting two or more devices together for exchanging resources and information between these devices.

To build any network we must follow the following steps:

You need the following devices : Switch, Computers, network Cables.

Switch* : is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network.



Now we have to configure our computers :

The first step we will do is to set the IP addresses of our computers.

In this scenario we will use class C addresses under the subnet mask (

If you want to learn the basics of networking,Different network classes,and other networking concepts, you can check our free course on our YouTube channel:

Networking basics 

     Set the first IP address of the first Computer (

      Set the Second IP address of the Second Computer (

      You can choose different addresses if you want and different network range.


Until now,we have a network between two devices , if you want to add more devices we do the same process but we only change the last number of the IP so that the other devices are within the range of 1-254, for example:  , and so on …


      Now we go back to Network and sharing center, click in Change advanced sharing settings.


Now we are ready to connect all devices together using the switch as shown in the first image,and we are ready to start sharing data, playing games and all other networking stuff.

Note : Don’t forget to configure your firewall to allow connections, or you can completely turn off firewall to allow connection.

You can check this post for an example on how to work with windows firewall.

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