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The best way to get a back links for your website?

Backlinks are still important

Are the backlinks still important after Google latest updates?

Definitely important, this is not my opinion! it is officially said by both Google and Bing staff.

The links that point to your site help search engines distinguish important websites from irrelevant ones. If your site gets a strong backlink from other important sites, it is likely to rank higher in search results.

On the other hand, a site that gets backlinks from spam or low-quality sites will be more likely to be ranked lower in search results or it may be banned.

How to get a good and high-quality backlink?

  • In order to get backlinks from other blogs and websites without any risk, consider the following:
  • Post an article on another related sites (in the same or similar field of your site).
  • Write your name at the end of your article with your site name, this will give you a good reputation.
  • It should be well written and adds value to the site that is published in published inside.
  • The site you are posting to will accept only the articles that are exclusive, unique and not duplicates.
  • Ask yourself. Do you expect this article to be useful and bring traffic to your site?
  • Include your site’s link inside the article in a way that matches the content. Example: “For more information”

What is a bad backlink?

Instead of following the plan above to get strong and good links, you can follow an easy plan by blogging.

But stay away from programs that publish backlinks automatically and you will probably lose your time, your effort and maybe you will be banned from search engines when using such tools.

For more info about bad backlinks check this article


How to get the most out of backlinks?

backlinks alone will not benefit your site, so when do you can get the most out from it?

You will get the best results if your site contains fresh, exclusive and sufficient content so that most articles are more than 300 to 500 words at least.

I find many site owners asking me why my site does not go up in search rankings even though I am building 100 backLinks Daily? I ask him to send a link to the site or an article, I find what I expected, content is poor and weak no more than 200 words and competitors articles more than 700 words +.

As I told you in a previous article in SEO that you as site owner must serve your visitors and not search engines because even search engines are serving their visitors and not the owners of sites (you).


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