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3 Real Methods to make money online.

We in Computechnology aim to educate and not to trick you with some titles and silly articles. I am saying that since if you surf the internet today searching for methods to make money online, you will find tons of articles and videos talking about that, but without exaggeration, more than 60 % of these articles are just to trick people to enter their sites and gain traffic.

For this reason, I wanted to give you real methods that you can start your online business from.

The main point you have to know is making money online is not that easy, you have to work hard maybe for the first couple of years but you can feel the results after that period when you start to gain somehow good income while you are sitting at your home.

Method 1: Advertising your website.

Nowadays it is not hard to create your own website even if you don’t know any thing about coding. you can search a little bit about WordPress or any other company like wix.com and you can build your own website in several days, after creating your website you have to enrich it with good content that will attract people in your domain, don’t copy paste articles  or  steal content, you have to create your own content, as we said, you have to work hard.

After this, you can just monetize your website by publishing advertisements and whenever any user clicks on the advertisements you will gain money. the most famous company that gives this service is Google Adsense.


Method 2: Youtube and video creation.

Youtube allows you to monetize your uploaded videos and gain money also using the AdSense network, but it’s not that easy, the main point is you have to create your own content, so you can’t use other videos or you may be banned on youtube.

Create your own content, this what youtube says in its policies that no one reads! , monetize your videos, and start earning money.

It may take some time to get subscribers views and so on, and their several methods to optimize your youtube channel and videos,

we will cover theses topics in other articles.


Method 3: Free Lancer.

If you are a programmer or a web developer or maybe a graphic designer, then there are several platforms that you can use in order to work as a freelancer on the internet my accomplishing works for people worldwide, these platforms or brokers we can say that stands between you and who wants the work and guaranty the relation, this is a list of some online companies that give this service :

  • Freelancer.com
  • 99design.com
  • Fivrr.com
  • PeopleperHour






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