Protect yourself by using VIPRE Antivirus

Protect yourself by using VIPRE Antivirus

You get antivirus, privacy tools and a full VPN for a bargain price with the top-end suite

VIPRE Antivirus solutions

VIPRE gets high scores for malware protection with some (though not all) independent testing labs, but its other features are mostly underpowered, and can’t compete with the simplest of the remainder. If the price is top of your priority list, though, the steep first-year discounts make it worth a glance.

Easy to use
Highly rated for accuracy at AV-Test
Big introductory discount
Unlimited VPN with the top-level suite

Few features
The firewall and spam filter don’t match the competition
Windows versions are often disabled by malware
Big price hike when the initial discount ends

It may not have the profile of the big-name antivirus competition, but VIPRE’s security expertise stretches way back to its anti-spyware beginnings as Sunbelt Software in 1994.

The firm’s current range begins with VIPRE Antivirus Plus for Windows, which, despite the ‘Plus’ of the name, is actually just an antivirus.

VIPRE Advanced Security adds a firewall, spam filter, and automatic updates for browsers and other apps.

VIPRE Ultimate Security, the high-end suite, goes further with a VPN. Not the cut-down data-limited version you will see with competitors like Bitdefender – this VPN offers unlimited usage. And it also throws in webcam and microphone protection, anti-tracking, and document auditing, while a dark web scanner monitors the web and raises an alert if your details appear during a data breach.


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