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Free Facebook Group Email Scraper

Facebook is a massive platform with billions of users, making it unique in our time. Businesses that want to get ahead often choose to use it as a resource or a tool. Sometimes it’s for marketing, sometimes it’s for growth hacking, and sometimes you might want to take a slightly darker path.

One such path is email harvesting. Facebook has been entrusted with personal information for billions of people, ranging from simple name and email all the way to incredible personal details.

Facebook themselves have a rocky history with user information security and privacy. How many stories do you hear about people losing jobs because of their social media posts? That’s small scale stuff, too. At the other end, you have the entire Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Despite this, Facebook has made it relatively difficult to simply gather user information. A business owner running a Facebook Page isn’t going to be able to simply export their audience contact information, for example. If you want to harvest email addresses, you’re going to need to employ some tricks.

Capture Thousand  & Phone Number from Facebook in a few minutes!


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After you download, just create a folder called “memdb” inside the application folder in order to work.


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