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This is the final full release of the mod. I hope nothing goes wrong here or else it’s a re-upload or instant day one patch. Edited: Day one patch. Wow. Such mod. Very organised. Much crash free.

Release Date: 25th July 2014

-Fixed launcher offers numerous new resolutions, finer menus and better performance.
-Fixed memory leakage in the launcher.
-Turning off fog option now works properly.
-High definition control bars have been added.

  • Gameplay, Balances and Realism Overhaul – Experience Zero Hour like never before in this new realistic modern warfare and fast-paced combat modification. Every weapon and armour are made to be as accurate as to their real life counter-part with respect to balancing. Strategic points have been introduced to encourage more combat all around the map to battle for renewable resources.
  • Graphics and Effects Revamp – Lighting and shadows are more vivid and detailed to make the image looks more sharp and crisped. Waters give off light reflection and mostly react appropriately to actions concerning it. Environments have be completely reworked with hand-made objects to give more lives to your surrounding.
  • Brand New Hand-crafted Vehicles and Infantry – Control both real life and imaginative units never seen before! (Not really.) Spearhead your assault through your enemy’s defences with style unseen and utilised in the original game.
  • New Original Campaigns and Challenges – Set ablaze the whole world, conquer it with an iron-fist or bring the new world order of peace to the globe with a fictional continuation campaign. Challenge your RTS skills with a brand new challenge mode far more challenging than ever before, and feel the pride and accomplishment for beating every single general!

To download command and conquer generals zero hour MOD: ENHANCED press here:

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