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Free Course: Web server IIS For Developers

web server iis

Description In this course  I will teach you how to install, manage and configure IIS Role in windows server 2008R2 in order to host your websites in your own server, whether you are a web developer and you want to learn how to host your own websites on your own IIS server, or …

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Free Course: Windows server 2012 full lab

win 2012 lab

Description: In this course “Windows server 2012 full lab”, we will go into a full lab from scratch by installing windows server 2012 then installing the most important roles (DHCP, DNS, Domain, RDP) and show you how to configure each one. Questions : Please if you have any questions, post …

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Free course: WordPress on Windows 10

  Description: In this course “Free course: WordPress on Windows 10”, you will learn how to install WordPress on Windows 10 local pc. We will not only be learning how to install WordPress we will also see how you can install themes and plugins to your locally hosted WordPress site. …

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Free Course: CSS From Scratch

  Description Do you want to create a website but you don’t know how ? or maybe you know that you need something called HTML5 and CSS3 but you think these technologies are not for you? so what is HTML5? what is CSS3? how can I use HTML5 and CSS3 to create …

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Free Windows Tweaker

win tweaker

Free Windows Tweaker is Tiny tool for tweaking various aspects of your computer’s OS such as turning the firewall on or off, hiding specific drives, and changing the admin password As its name suggests, Computech Windows Tweaker is a nifty, little utility that allows you to change various aspects of your computer’s …

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Free PNG Compressor

png compress

As its name makes it apparently clear, Computech Free PNG Compressor is a piece of software that allows you to free up disk space by shirking large numbers of PNG files with the least amount of effort required. To get started with this generic PNG compressor, you are required to undergo a …

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Integrated VS Dedicated VGA ?

Integrated Graphics Card In most laptops, the built-in screen card comes with a starter processor. In this case, the graphics card depends on the power of the processor and the RAM of the laptop for processing graphics, it may consume up to 5% of the RAM and vary according to …

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Understanding SDN -Part 1- What is SDN?


Introduction As you know technology nowadays is being developed rapidly in a way we can see new discoveries every day, but maybe every hour. One of these technologies and sciences is Computer science and especially what we are talking here is networking.bu we can notice that even with that huge discoveries and inventions, …

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How to solve the problem d3dx9_43.dll is not designed to run

Learn how to solve the problem d3dx9_43.dll is not designed to run through the following steps: You Download d3dx9_43.dl from the following link: After you download the file. Go to C:\windows\system32 Copy the file you downloaded into the System 32 file and replace the old file. After completing these steps …

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