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Add a separate contact page to your blog in blogger

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create a contact form page on your blog. Creating a contact form in your blog is a very useful way to get in touch with your visitors and to build you audience . also creating a contact form page may help …

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Fix Search box widget in blogger not working.

Sometimes when you add the default search box widget to your blog ,and try to search for a certain keyword or topic, the search box will not work and it will return “no results” even if your keyword is correct. So how to fix this issue if it happens. In …

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What is Visual Basic ?

Visual Basic is, in general, a computer programming and integrated development environment (IDE)-enabled system developed by Microsoft. John Kemeny and Thomas Kurts invented the very basic version of Visual Basic that is known as BASIC. The main aim of visual basic is to provide an easy platform to write programs …

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Passing credentials to performance counter in VB.NET

Hello Every body. As a very brief introduction , a Performance counter is a class build into that .NET Framework , allows you to read what we call ‘counters’ from local or a remote machine ,these counters are divided into categories ,as a small example , if you want to …

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