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[Fixed] “Could Not Find This Item – This is no longer located in – Delete A File That Cannot Be Found – Windows

Method 1 – Delete files after archiving 1. Right click on the folder. 2. Select “Add to archive” option (Make sure that you have WinRAR installed on your machine). 3. Tick ‘Delete files after archiving’ check box displayed under ‘Archiving options’ section. 4. Leave all other settings as they are …

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Video Cables Explained: Difference Between VGA, DVI, and HDMI Ports

VGA The Video Graphics Array (VGA) is one of the oldest connection standards which can still be found in large swaths of computing equipment. It was first developed by IBM and introduced in 1987. It was widely used for video cards, TV sets, computer monitors, and laptops. VGA can support …

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How to log in to administrator account on any Windows PC

  First, restart your computer.     Once you get to this screen, hold the power button on the computer until it turns off.     If you did it correctly, you should get this screen. If you get something like “Windows did not shut down correctly,” try again. Otherwise, …

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How to Downgrade from Windows 10 Enterprise to Windows 10 Pro

Here’s How: 1. While in Windows 10 Enterprise, change the product key to a valid Pro product key. (see screenshots below)    Note If needed, you could enter the Windows 10 Pro generic product key below to downgrade now, and activate later with your valid Windows 10 Pro product key …

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How to hide a Drive in Windows 10/8/7

Hide a Drive in Windows There are four ways to hide a drive in Windows 10. It is through Disk Management, using Group Policy, through Windows Registry or by using Diskpart command in CMD. We will see these ways step by step. Hide Drive using Disk Management If you want …

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