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What is the ARP spoofing attack ?

Today we will talk about one type of the network-level attacks in the OSI layer 2, the ARP Spoofing attack, one of the most common and dangerous attacks on the network that leads to the Man In The Middle attack. What you have to know before: Before any two connected …

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How to block websites using the hosts file.


Due to the huge increase in the number of Internet users, and the huge list of websites that exist on the internet and contains a lot of data and information, and nowadays every house contains several desktops, laptops and mobiles,  and all are connected to the internet and accessed by kids, …

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How to change screen resolution for Kali on Hyper-v

Changing the screen resolution for Kali Linux running on Hyper-v is very simple -> Open Terminal Type: sudo vi /etc/default/grub (or use nano or other editor) Find the line starting with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, and add video=hyperv_fb:[the resolution you want].  The resolution I want is 1280×720.  So my line ends up looking …

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