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Batch File – Host ping

  Batch file Code : :A @echo off Title Host Pinger color 0e echo Enter the Host you would like to ping set input= set /p input= Enter your Host here: if %input%==goto A if NOT B echo Processing Your request ping localhost>nul echo ————————————————————————————- ping localhost>nul ping %input% set …

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Batch File-Clean up tool

  This tool will do the following : -Delete Internet cookies -Delete Temporary Files -Defrag Disk -Cleanup Disk   Full code : @echo off title Cleanup Tool :menu cls echo ——————————————————————————– echo PC Cleanup Tool echo ——————————————————————————– echo. echo Select a tool echo ============= echo. echo [1] Delete Internet Cookies …

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Batch file-Password generator

batch file code : @echo off :Start2 cls goto Start :Start title Password Generator echo —————————————-­———————– echo 1) Generate a Random Password echo 2) Generate 5 Random Passwords echo Input your choice set input= set /p input= Choice: if %input%==1 goto A if NOT goto Start2 if %input%==2 goto B …

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