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When Photoshop becomes a programming tool !!!

Introduction: Photoshop is a new application, has been found for more than two decades, a program characterized by creativity more than any other program. Photoshop was and stills a professional tool used to modify and work with images and graphics, but with time, photoshop didn’t become an image editing tool …

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The negative image test,Try it !

    This negative image trick depends on the eye focus at a centered point in the image, and when looking quickly to a white surface, the brain translates the negative image into a color image, as happens when developing the film Negatives of the camera. Now try the trick …

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Server Types and function of each

1. Real-Time Communication Servers Also known as chat servers or IRC, sometimes known as instant messaging (IM) servers, and these servers aim to allow a large number of users to exchange information instantly. 2. FTP Servers This is one of the oldest servers available online. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is …

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This is how Whatsapp planing to make money !!

Whatsapp developers are currently testing a new feature that allows users to communicate with businesses via secure messages, and this is one of the steps that will enable Whatsapp to get money from those companies. And according to CNBC, the feature also allows users to see if their company account …

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What is the ARP spoofing attack ?

Today we will talk about one type of the network-level attacks in the OSI layer 2, the ARP Spoofing attack, one of the most common and dangerous attacks on the network that leads to the Man In The Middle attack. What you have to know before: Before any two connected …

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